The murky pit 'neath the glittering towers

foundation camp

Theme Camp Overview

Our Mission:

To provide the Minitropolis family with a warm safe base of operations from which to easily engage with Black Rock City at large.


Friendly, relaxed, easygoing and with a shedload of gear, Minitropolis seeks to provide a great community experience for all involved, while steering clear of becoming an all out rave camp. Not that we’re against banging techno, far from it, but there are many dedicated camps that already do it way better than we ever will, so Minitropolis focuses on providing a fully featured basecamp experience, central location, and much needed shelter from the sweltering midday sun…

How it works:

A camp of this size doesnt run itself, and so we encourage all and any campmates to get involved in some aspect of running the camp.
We have a core group of long time campmates who variously manage separate crews of people, to spread the workload evenly and to ensure no one gets over worked. Please feel welcome to volunteer at any time, as at least one of the crews will be engaged in a project they need help on. Burning Man is about participation, its how you make friends and get to hear about the juiciest events, so you might as well get started here….


Happily, we are not going into 2011 emptyhanded. Rather, Minitropolis is an evolution of the Black Rock International Burner Hostel, a now legendary camp that spent 10 years building up a massive stash of infrastructure... infrastructure we will be bringing to the burn in 2011 to make sure we have a truly epic camp!!!

The centre of our camp is a large, custom built shade structure. Octagonal in shape, lovingly carpeted, and clad in multicoloured shade cloth, this structure is large enough (70 feet diameter) to contain a host of couches, dj box, 8 king sized airbeds, a bar, and ample dancing/yoga/whatever space. The center of the structure is a multipurpose climbable framework, with a stripper pole (of course) installed on the carpeted second level, and a viewing platform at top with a 360 degree view of the city. International flags of all descriptions hang and billow from the tower, while by night, our lighting array makes the place easily visible from afar…

The central structure provides the fulcrum around which the rest of the camp is geometrically laid out… Around the structure are concentric rings of solar lighting which demarcate the camp by night, providing safe avenues for people to walk in without tripping over tents etc. At the edges of the camp we find the various other functions of our camp - our sheltered kitchen and dining area, the bar, showers, assorted artworks, burn barrels, and chill dome...


It is not the intention of the Minitropolis to hold the hands of feckless gadabouts who want their feet washed and the corners cut off their sandwiches, but nonetheless, we do seek to make our camp as sweet as possible for all who join. We appreciate that it is essentially impossible for anyone who’s arriving just a day or two before the event to help with construction and planning of the camp, but we would ask that anyone who decides to camp with us be prepared to give over a little, and we stress A LITTLE, of their time during the week to help out in some small way. Like we said above, this camp don’t run itself, so every little helps… And if you have a particular skill that you think can be used in some way, or you see a problem to which you have the most elegant and efficient answer, please please feel free to put your hand up and take control..

We love you!!!