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Membership Agreement

Crazy and businesslike though it seems, we ask all prospective members of our camp to carefully read and fully agree to the following agreement before joining the camp. This agreement has been worked out thoughtfully and carefully, based on many years of experience and development, and exists primarily to ensure that we are all on the same page, with the same expectations, before we go out to burningman.

Most of the terms of this agreement are very closely based on the terms of entry into Burningman anyway, so should not cause anyone too many difficulties. If you have any issues with these terms, or would like to suggest alteration/improvements/etc, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Membership Agreement Terms

1. You voluntarily assume ALL risk of loss, injury, or death by becoming a member of this camp!! No Joke!!

2. You agree to act in a manner consistent with the 10 principles of Burning Man. If you are unaware of these principles, you can read them here

3. Of these 10 principles, Minitropolis will most particularly require you to be RADICALLY SELF RELIANT. If you are unable to be self reliant, please consider joining another camp.

4. In spite of its mission to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all who camp there, Minitropolis is not an experience you buy with your camp fee. It is a participatory and contributory themecamp at burningman, so please DO NOT expect to be taken care of like you would at a commercial festival. All campmates are expected to be fully self reliant AS WELL as contributing to ongoing camp duties.

5. You agree not to bring any of the following things to our camp: drama, weapons, laziness, fundamentalism, intolerance, racism, sexism, prejudice, creepiness, and aggression of any kind.

6. You are required to bring the following things to our camp: tolerance, friendliness, respect for other peoples boundaries, general good nature, lots of booze, self reliance, a willingness to help out when asked to, and ALL the supplies youll need to comfortably survive a week in the harsh desert environment.

7. Minitropolis will provide the following things, but no more, so please don't ask: certain communal structures, a great camp placement close to the heart of the city, a warm and safe community, and access to information & experience. Thats all... If your tent blows down, thats your fault for not securing it sufficiently, and we won't help you.. Its not that we don't want to, its just that we need to have fun too..

Having agreed to all the above points, you realise that you need to care of everything yourself, and therefore agree not to unduly hassle the organisers with ANY unnecessary frivolous, or vexatious questions during the week of the event, unless all other avenues of inquiry have been pursued. You agree that the role of the people mentioned above is purely to bring the basic camp infrastructure to the desert, that our responsibilities extend solely to the communal elements of the camp, and that as of the start of the event proper, we will not be available to help you with any problem not directly related to the community as a whole. We work our asses off to get the camp set up but once the event starts, we want to party party party like everyone else, so please help us do that..