The murky pit 'neath the glittering towers

foundation camp

How to Join our camp!!!!!

Joining our camp is a simple process - simple, that is, as long as you follow these easy instructions!! Please ensure you read this before calling or emailing us randomly, as answering random communications takes time & energy that we need for other things..... Everything you will ever need to know is already written somewhere on this site - but its up to you to find it.

Each step in this process is quite important, so we ask that you pay close attention to them all. However, don't worry!! You do not need to complete the whole list all in one go!!! There will usually be a gap between each step, and we will send you an email after each step has been completed...


Step 1.

Have a read through as much of our website as you can. This will allow you to decide whether this themecamp is suitable for you. In particular, you should read the membership agreement and about our camp sections, as these will explain both what we do as a camp, and what we expect from individual campmates.


Step 2.

Once you've looked around, and decided that Minitroplis seems like the perfect camp for you, you need to get in touch with us and introduce yourself via this short survey (click here)!!! You can email us at minitropolis ( at ) gmail (dot) com if you have any problems


Step 5.

As soon as possible after that, we would request that you pay your camp fee. You will be emailed a link to the fee payment page once we recieve & review your survey form


Step 6.

Thats it!!! Assuming you have successfully completed the other steps, and have received a final confirmation from the membership team, you are now a member of our camp!!! WELCOME!!!!