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foundation camp


- How Much, Why, and how to pay....

Camp fees are now live, and you can pay with credit card using this handy and stylish Google Checkout button!!! Once your payment has been processed, you will recieve a confirmation email from us, but it may take a few days - so have no fear...

Please make sure to include your playa name, if applicable, in the provided field. Thank you!

Our camp membership fee for 2011 is $150

Please note that we there are ONLY 70 unreserved places available in camp this year, as opposed to 200 last year. If you wish to garauntee your place in camp, you will need to act early!!!

If you would like to see where the money goes, please feel free to check out both the camp budget page and the camp infrastructure page

Here are the most important points about the camp fee.

a) All fees to be payed up front, and well in advance, and no later than Sunday, the 28th of August. This is to avoid the need to collect cash on playa( we dont want to even HEAR about cash at the burn, let alone see it, let alone HANDLE the filthy stuff...

b) We can only accept payment via Google Checkout. this allows us to see who's paid, automates the entire process, and is secure, timely, and convenient. If you don't have a paypal account, its no problem to set one up, or just ask a friend who has one to send your money through.

c) If you cannot make it to Burning Man for any reason, your fee will be fully refunded.

d) If you'd like to donate more towards the project than just your camp fee, please go right ahead!!

e) Just to reiterate!!! ALL PAYMENTS to be paid in full by the due date, absolutely no cash on arrival...

f) The sooner you can pay your fee, the better. Early payment allows the camp to pay operating costs and expenses that occur related to purchases that are made at different times throughout the year

g) Please be advised that early payment of camp fees DOES NOT automatically entitle you to membership of the camp. If you pay your camp fee, but for some reason are turned down for membership(forexample, because you end up wierding out the ladies, you like starting fights, you continuously cause problems etc), we will refund your fee in full.

Thats it, you're finished.

If you would like to make an additional donation, please send it in a different transfer, with an explanation/suggestion in the message box, or use the "donate" button on the homepage.

Many thanks!!!