The murky pit 'neath the glittering towers

foundation camp

Camp Budget

For those of you who would like to know where all the money goes, here's a rough sketch... As many of you are aware, going to burning man is a big operation, and based on years of experience, we've learned its better to be very conservative.

Please be advised that this budget will likely expand between now and the event, and that certain items on it are subject to revision, removal, or adaptation depending on how planning goes over the next few months... If anyone remembers something that should be on this list, but we forgot, let us know.....

$ 500 - Sound system (max 200w) - need two, one for bar one for chillspace
$ 800 - 5.5kw generator & fuel
$ 300 - assorted cabling
$ 1000 - LED based lighting - mostly pars, some ropelight, worklights (but we can get away with much cheaper lighting if needs be..)
$ 200 - big ass roll of spandex
$ 600 - other ambience/decor related shit
$ 600 - 16 x shade sails (6 for octagon, 8 for chill structure, 2 for other)
$ 400 - kitchen disposables(black bags, dish soap, paper plates etc etc)
$ 500 - dumping fees
$ 500 - carpet
$ 400 - couches & cushions
$ 200 - phonecalls & communication
$ 1000 - storage & staging
$ 2000 - tow vehicles, registration, etc
$500 - bar construction
$unknown - porta potties
$unknown - towable water tank

$9700 - known total operating expenses

Obviously, there may be more shit that i'm missing right now, but whats important to note is that running a themecamp is not cheap... and we already HAVE a shit tone of gear!!!! It's usually considered best practice to include a 20% contingency fund on top of known expenses in order to be safe, so that would bring the operating budget up to about $11000

We will be providing a detailed, itemised breakdown of the exact money spent after the event, for anyone who would like to examine it.