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It is with great pleasure and not a little anticipation that all of us here on the Minitropolis themecamp planning committee declare this years themecamp open!!!

As of today, you can pay your camp fee and lock in your spot at our amazing themecamp, where not only will you and your crew get to participate in one of the playas most over-engineered, unneccesarily well equipped, most splendidly luxurious theme-camps, where this year, we are scaling back the camp to re-capture the intimate, close knit family vibe that we all used to love so much in our previous incarnation as the Black Rock International Burner Hostel.

This year, we are scaling the camp waaaay down to no more than 100 dedicated members, down from 200 last year. But why? Well, after much reflection and not a little conversation, the general consensus emerged that 200 people is just too large - its nearly impossible to get to know that many people, there were too many fragmented groups and not enough family cohesion, and a few people ended up, as usual, doing pretty much all of the work. In 2011, we want to create a camp of committed, experienced people who are not afraid to work together, make friends, contribute, and do all the other friendly interactive shit that makes for a welcoming, warm, and above all close knit camp environment.

But wait! won't this mean some people who were with us last year will have to camp somewhere else? Yes, unfortunately it does. However, it also means that the camp will be composed of only the most committed people who really truly want to be there, as opposed to large groups of people who just want somewhere to camp, and who are not that likely to get involved in making the camp great for everyone. And yes, we're obviously sorry that some people won't join in time, but our responsibility is to the camp as a whole, rather than to specific people within it... To quote Mr Spock, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one..."

Once again ,  the camp fee this year will be $150 - BUT as always, we are opening proceedings at the early adopter fee of $100 dollars, available to the first 20 people who sign up... by providing this small incentive, we get to generate some much needed early cashflow, which allows us to pay for good deals over the coming months prior to the event..If you are ready to pay your fee, please do so here.

So, what does your camp fee get you in 2010? Please have a look at our infrastructure page and feast your eyes on our outrageous setup!!

Welcome to Minitropolis, and we look forward to meeting you all again on playa!

Minitropolis is home on the range for a large goup of delicious people from all over the world. Come join us as we make our assault on Burning Man 2010.

Our goal is to create a well equipped, comfortable and interactive camp that keeps all our participants safe and warm when they get in from their adventures - at what price relaxation, we ask? There is no price too high. Thats why we make it our prime directive to make sure we rock the comfort & style at every opportunity.

Please feel free to find out what we're about by looking around our site, or joining our facebook page.

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